E I N S T E I N - T H E - C L O N E

 One year with a V.I.C. (Very Important Clone)




 LUCA NOVELLI (D-I-Y geneticist)


Uncle Alberto

 Albert Einstein's Clone


 Martha and other women

 Uncle Alberto's friends and lovers



 Of the condominium



 Understood as the seach for the essential nature of things




Story so far


Albert Einstein'brain (the real one) was taken out its skull on his death and cut into slices.

 It is now preserved in a transparent plastic substance and is available for the scientific community.

 That's not all.

 Nowadays we know that the design for reconstructing an entire Albert Einstein with all accessories

 is contained in the DNA of each of these brain cells.

 This DNA can be studied, cloned and even sold commercially in sachets (a suggestion made by a

Californiansouvenir company). Sooner or later someone will do it.


First draft of the Embryo

 The first stage in the formation of an organ in the human embryo.

 It could be, for example, the formation of the brain or the willy.

 In the very earliest stages of development embryonic drafts are interchangeable. Brain cells can

become willy cells or vice versa.

The consequences of this confusion can be found in many adult humans.







Einstein the clone


Albert Einstein, father of modern physics, had an "idée fisse" : to extend the laws of relativity to everything that exists in the Universe.He didn't succeed but neither has anyone else yet. His clone was born from a test-tube to try to remedy the situation. Unfortunately though, the resulting creation turned out not to be identical to the original. It was a little "crazy", with other "idées fisses".


The book "in love"

 English version by Robert Portal - Artworks by Winfried Loeschburg

 80 pages

 Special print for Frankfurter Buchmesse, 2002 by Carabà editions, 2002


Luca Novelli


Carabà Editions